Beef Cuts

A quick guide to choosing the right cut for your dish

winter beef 2

Diced Blade

Blade comes from the shoulder of the cow, it is very flavoursome and versatile. If you are pressed for time and need something ‘quick’ you want to opt for diced blade. This can have your stew, casserole, curry or pie done in an hour. If you want to cook it longer that is completely fine.

If you are planning on cooking your dish for 3 hours or more then you can opt for these.

Osso Buco / Gravy Beef

Osso Bucco (or gravy beef if you want boneless). This cut is the shank of the cow so it is a well exercised muscle. It may look to be very fatty, but its doesn't contain much fat all. What you are seeing is the connective tissue. You want to melt this away by cooking it slowly for a long period of time. Keeping the bone in with the marrow is going to add so much flavour to your dish. This is perfect for those 6 - 8 hour slow cooks.


Beef Short Ribs

Beef short ribs are quite literally that, the ribs from the cow. These are made up of layers of bone, meat and fat. They are full of flavour and will fall off the bone when cooked right. These don't have to be cooked low and slow, they can also be grilled. The layers of fat will give you loads of flavour.

Chuck Steak

Chuck is made up of multiple muscles, again it is a well used area with a lot of connective tissue. You may know it best from it balance of meat and fat, so many people use it for making burgers. This can be cooked in many different ways, it is not limited to low and slow, however when slow cooked chuck steak will shred like 'pulled beef'.



Brisket comes from the underside of the cows chest area between the front legs, so again this is another well exercised area. If you have plenty of time on your hands or want to put the slow cooker on all day while you go about life, brisket is a great option. It just needs to be treated right or it can be very tough. So cooking it in a liquid is best, but keeping it low and slow will help tenderise all that connective tissue making it fall apart.

Just remember the lower the temp you are using the longer you will need to cook your dish. Of course, there are plenty more options to choose from, but these are always available in the window. I hope this helps!