Beef Casserole

Super easy and simple slow cooker beef casserole. Easy to add and swap out any flavours you like. Perfect for those busy days and cold winter nights.

Preperation Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 6+ hours
Serves: 4


500g Diced Beef – Mini Essentials Pack
1x Onion diced – Veggie Pack
200g Green Beans – Veggie Pack 
2x Carrot – Veggie Pack 
3x Potatoes – Veggie Pack 
200g Mushrooms

1 cup Beef Stock
1 can Diced Tomatoes
2 TBSP Minced Garlic
1 TBSP Mixed Herbs
1 TSP Thyme
2 TBSP Soy Sauce
1 TBSP Tomato Paste
2 TBSP Gravy

1 cup Rice – I used brown

Cooking Method

Step 1. Dice up carrots, potatoes, onion, beans and place in slow cooker pot. Add mushrooms, beef, garlic, mixed herbs, soy sauce, salt & pepper, tomato paste, beef stock and diced tomatoes to pot.

Step 2. Place pot in slow cooker and turn on low. Leave for 6 hours.

Step 3.  5.5 hours into cook add rice and water to pot. It’s usually double the amount of water to rice, but I usually just eye ball it and add more water if I need later. Bring to boil then turn down and let simmer for 15- 20 minutes or until cooked.

Step 4. Just before you are ready to serve add gravy to slow cooker to thicken the sauce.

Step 5. Serve on rice and with some nice soft bread.