T-Bone Steak

Our T-bone steaks are all 100% Australian grass fed beef. The T-bone is a larger cut of steak, which is the porterhouse and eye fillet left on the bone, giving great value for money.  Leaving the meat on the bone provides a rich beefy flavour to the meat while cooking. Each T-bone weighs approximately 300g to 350g.

How To Cook 

Open Me

For the best result you want to preheat your skillet or pan over high heat for a few minutes. While your pan is heating up season your steak with salt and pepper.
Once the pan is hot you then want to add your oil or butter, sear your steak for 3 minutes either side only flipping once. Or until cooked to your liking.
Make sure to always rest your steak before eating. This will help the natural meat juices to redistribute through the muscle, helping it relax the meat fibres giving you a juicier, more flavoursome piece of meat. Otherwise, the juices will run out leaving your meat slightly dry.

Time Guide
Rare –
2 minutes each side, rest for 2 minutes
internal temperature of 60°

Medium Rare –
2.5 minutes each side, rest for 4 minutes
internal temperature of 60° – 65°

Medium –
3 minutes each side, rest for 4 minutes
internal temperature of 65° – 70°

Medium Well –
3.5 minutes each side, rest for 5 minutes
internal temperature of 70°

Well Done –
5-6 minutes each side, rest for 6 minutes
internal temperature of 75°

$45 /kg
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